Mindfulness Meditation

In the 5 years since I’ve been (cough cough, ready for this?) DIAGNOSED with an anxiety disorder, I’ve tried every treatment on the spectrum. I have avoided any pharmacological interventions because I’m a future Nurse Practitioner who does not like medication. Slightly ironic, but we will roll with it.

Things I dig:

  1. Meditation
    • The practice of meditation is as casual or strict as you want to make it
    • It does not have to be chanting in a dark corner while sitting in lotus position with incense burning (give me 2 glasses of wine and I’m there…let’s be honest)
    • It allows you to make friends with your brain
    • It helps to give you a sense of control over rambling thoughts
    • Check out this website for a down and dirty of my favorite hobby: https://thebuddhistcentre.com/text/what-meditation
  2. Mindfulness
    • Engage all 5 senses to experience your world RIGHT NOW!
    • What do you smell, hear, taste, feel, see?
    • It is difficult to worry and be anxious when you are embracing the present moment
    • It gives you the tools to live in the now
    • Check out this website for a more detailed description: http://www.wildmind.org/applied/daily-life/what-is-mindfulness
  3. Gratitude
    • Having anxiety and the occasional panic attack SUCKS, but…it does not have to define your life or happiness
    • Practice gratitude every day by verbalizing three things you are grateful for
    • Gratitude has been proven to increase happiness and decrease anxiety by embracing perspective
    • Write down what you are thankful for and read your notes during your next panic attack IMG_5987This is my happy place. It is a meditation corner that is evolving into a meditation living room. Ain’t mad about it.

20 thoughts on “Mindfulness Meditation

  1. Okay, just read this full post (was driving earlier). AMEN SISTA! I believe that everything you listed can do so much more than pharmaceuticals (both long and short term). I am moving to Japan soon and I am so excited to be put in such a vulnerable situation where I know I will have to rediscover and relearn a lot of things as well as depend a lot on myself for so many things. It will definitely be a spiritual experience that I am really looking forward to. Keep it up. ❤


  2. Love love love your blog! Thank you so much for liking my post if not for that I wouldn’t have seen your page 💛 Hope to be inspired more from your future posts.


  3. I love the idea of making friends with our brain! We are often so hard on ourselves when we experience negative thoughts, but a little self-kindness can go a long way. Great post!


  4. If you looked in the dictionary under anxiety my picture would be there. I chose to take medication for my anxiety and panic attacks. It’s always been hard for me to relax. But I’m glad that you are able to handle your panic attacks and anxiety through meditation and not medication 🙂 Judy,by you being vulnerable and open about yourself makes it easy for me to open up about my shortcomings. I am sure your an inspiration for a lot of people.


  5. I love your happy place! For some reason, I’ve always had my happy place in my travels elsewhere. I think I should start creating my own happy place here at home. Seems simple enough, duh, why didn’t I even think about it! Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

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