Mindfulness Meditation

In the 5 years since I’ve been (cough cough, ready for this?) DIAGNOSED with an anxiety disorder, I’ve tried every treatment on the spectrum. I have avoided any pharmacological interventions because I’m a future Nurse Practitioner who does not like medication. Slightly ironic, but we will roll with it.

Things I dig:

  1. Meditation
    • The practice of meditation is as casual or strict as you want to make it
    • It does not have to be chanting in a dark corner while sitting in lotus position with incense burning (give me 2 glasses of wine and I’m there…let’s be honest)
    • It allows you to make friends with your brain
    • It helps to give you a sense of control over rambling thoughts
    • Check out this website for a down and dirty of my favorite hobby: https://thebuddhistcentre.com/text/what-meditation
  2. Mindfulness
    • Engage all 5 senses to experience your world RIGHT NOW!
    • What do you smell, hear, taste, feel, see?
    • It is difficult to worry and be anxious when you are embracing the present moment
    • It gives you the tools to live in the now
    • Check out this website for a more detailed description: http://www.wildmind.org/applied/daily-life/what-is-mindfulness
  3. Gratitude
    • Having anxiety and the occasional panic attack SUCKS, but…it does not have to define your life or happiness
    • Practice gratitude every day by verbalizing three things you are grateful for
    • Gratitude has been proven to increase happiness and decrease anxiety by embracing perspective
    • Write down what you are thankful for and read your notes during your next panic attack IMG_5987This is my happy place. It is a meditation corner that is evolving into a meditation living room. Ain’t mad about it.