Do you seek out joy or wait for good things to happen to you? The concept of serendipity tells us that pleasant things appear spontaneously. Well, I like to think you can create your own serendipity with a little bit of luck and effort.

My schedule has been aggressively busy over the past month. I started a new job that tugs on every essence of my being; in a good, yet time-consuming way. “Busy” is a commonality among most humans. The challenges shift among people, but most days involve school/job/spouse/family/children/housework or any combination of the stressors. When life is busy, do you stop engaging in self-care? Do you stop taking precious moments to yourself to seek out beauty?

When I am at my busiest, I find that I thrive at self-care and my calming practices. I have to budget my time, which forces me to schedule times of relaxation. My commute to work has evolved into a delicate time of reflection and relaxation. I must drive every morning, so why not create a sacred experience. My car smells of strong coffee and emits soothing sounds of my favorite musician, Trevor Hall. I also have a portable essential oil diffusor for the dashboard. So, with a little bit of effort, a daily commute has unfolded into my sacred Sara time.

Another way I squeeze beauty into my day is tea time. I have a Keurig in my office at work and I brew a cup of tea after I round on my patients. Although a small gesture, the smell of loose-leaf tea makes charting a lot more pleasant. It also brought a sense of community to my work space. I’ve met other staff members through this spontaneous love of tea. Now, I bring tea to our weekly team meeting. One small action has become a new habit that reminds our coworkers to slow down and enjoy a delicious drink. I truly believe everyone can benefit from more mindfulness in the workplace.

My daily yoga practice has been a grounding force during this wild month. Somedays, I practice for an hour and its a sweaty, sublime practice. Other days, I lay in bed in Savasana and call it yoga. It’s about creating a balance, right? After a long day at the hospital, getting on my mat and releasing the tension feels like a true gift. Even if it’s a five minute practice, it’s five minutes of healing bliss. Create a serendipitous moment by getting on the mat and engaging in a delightful flow.

As I reread this, I realize how a lot of this sounds like “first world problems.” Oh, I’m too busy from my JOB that allows me to provide and never have any financial worries. Oh, I’m just so stressed from being at work that I have to drink $10 tea from Teavana out of my Keurig. That is not my intention. My intention is that we are all busy and all have our own struggles. In that busyness, we often forget to slow down and create magic in our everyday lives. We forget to create or embrace serendipity. We forget about the importance in the small moments.

How do you celebrate small moments when life is moving fast? Share with me 🙂

Love and light.


2 thoughts on “Serendipity.

  1. Admittedly peace and joy are are difficult for me. Working a job you hate with every fiber of your being yet remaining stuck because the economy sucks and you can’t find alternate employment (I thought I did but it fell through because their insurance was awful and they don’t allow visible tattoos as part of the dress code).

    Anyway, I’ve always said that for me ink therapy is the best therapy. If I had my way I’d be getting a new tattoo every day but I only have a limited amount of canvas and money of course. Alas, I find that is a way I will take time out of my life to celebrate milestones and such – my newest tattoo is only 3 weeks old but it’s a part celebratory and part somber as it’s a memorial piece.

    Then, of course, my evening ritual of a scotch and a cigar. I know these things aren’t the healthiest for me so I limit to a shot or two and a single cigar. I figure I’m not doing too much damage to myself that way and I know stress is a much bigger health risk factor than enjoying those things in moderation.

    Those and my morning jog help keep me centered in a world where I’m otherwise completely uncentered and miserable. It’s tough, but I try.


  2. Great post! I also like to seek out little things that bring me peace and comfort. Your ride to work sounds wonderful to me! Might as well make duties/work pleasant! 🙂 sometimes I actually look forward to paying bills and doing paperwork, with a yummy cup of tea or latte on my desk 🙂


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