Accidental hippie.

I live in a city surrounded by crunchy granola hipsters. I love most of them. It is a lifestyle that compliments the alternative nature of Atlanta life. A-town is synonymous with trendy, hip, artistic, and raw. It is a town that supports uniqueness and straying from the norm. This cultural vibe has worn off on me throughout the years and I have evolved into a crunchy hippie. My days consist of essential oils, yoga, meditation, skinny jeans, and a vat of coconut oil. I ain’t mad about it.

There is a fine line between suburban PTA mom and a crunchy hipster. Or is there? I guess what I am trying to say is there can be a fluidity between your persona. I know a lot about GMOs, chemicals, etc…but I still like the occasional greasy hamburger and caked on toxic makeup. I think there is this mentality that once you choose to live a clean/hippie lifestyle, every aspect of your life must change. Welp. That is overwhelming. It should be treated like a spectrum. Substitute some unhealthy choices for healthy ones and work towards a cleaner life. It does not have to be an overnight transformation to perfection. That is where the danger lives. We put so much pressure on ourselves once we decide to adopt a flower child journey. Everything is a progression. Make one positive change each day and set yourself up for success.

Why did I choose a more bohemian life? Well, internet, I am so glad you asked. Or maybe you didn’t, but I feel like this post should be longer so we are going for it. My struggle with anxiety is embedded in an overly-goal oriented personality and crappy choices. I was the girl who wrote down goals for high school on the first day of class. Thus far, I have achieved every academic goal I have ever made. Cool, right? Eh. Debatable. It came hand in hand with anxiety, panic attacks, and gastrointestinal issues.

I also used to drink a lot of alcohol, coffee, and tea. My caffeine intake was impressive to say the least. My food choices were also sub par. Picture late night fast food outings and a plethora of desserts from the campus dinning hall. About two years ago, I decided to experiment with lifestyle changes related to my anxiety. I cut out binge drinking and all fast food. I have not been drunk or had McDonalds in over two years. That second part was harder than the first.

I learned about yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. I started working with crystals and essential oils. I bought a Himalayan salt lamp. I started wearing turquoise to bring positive energy to my day. I started using mala beads as a form of prayer. I switched out my cleaning supplies and makeup with all natural alternatives. I cut out caffeine (recently…yikes). I started working out 5 days a week. I started talking to a fellow granola-esque therapist. My anxiety became a lot more manageable. Everything just kind of got better. I accidentally became a hippie.

Have you adopted a more alternative, natural lifestyle? Did you make the choice when you felt like you were struggling and needed a change? Let me know!

Love and light.

11 thoughts on “Accidental hippie.

  1. Just the very reason I have to find my mojo again. In addition to running I started drinking green tea, increased my water intake, cut out the coke cola and cut back on the sugar have had McDonald’s sweet in two years. So I get the lifestyle changes you made. It does make a difference.

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  2. I moved to Sydney from London last year and my life has changed beyond recognition. Not through any choice or determination, perhaps as a result of a change of surroundings, my relationship and turning 3o last year. I like your description, I am becoming an ‘accidental hippy’. In reality, she was always there, crystals and dreamcatchers alongside posters in my teenage bedroom. I have embraced yoga, am attempting to do the same with meditation and my alcohol consumption has reduced considerably. I feel like I have finally found my true self.


  3. A little while ago, I quit my engineering job and started selling handmade jewelry. I have made time to yoga and I am paying more attention to my health. I think the biggest difference has been sleep. That always seemed to be the first thing I sacrificed in college, and my sleep suffers the most when I am stressed. From there, it’s a downward spiral. Less sleep > more coffee > less exercise > more stress > more alcohol > less sleep …

    Now, I make malas and meditate. I yoga, I play an ukulele, I ride my bicycle every day. Oops. I might be a hippy. 🙂

    Glad to hear that there are others!

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